About Windward HCM

About Windward HCM

What Drives & Motivates Us

  • We understand the importance of transformations – how to evaluate and continually improve a function, process, team or whatever it takes to optimize the human capital in an organization whether the company is undergoing change or just the function.
  • We are business-driven – while we have deep experience in all human capital (human resources) functions, we also have a deep understanding of what drives a business and approach all human capital projects from a “business-first” perspective.
  • We are obsessed with data and analytics – understanding the real data behind our HCM programs can build better alignment to business strategy and overall effectiveness of programs.
  • We are driven by both evolutions and transformations of people management. The world continues to evolve at a fast pace, and studies continue to show that businesses need to move quickly to remain relevant. We are obsessed with understanding these changing dynamics and how they should be implemented in our organizations to optimize talent.

Why Choose Windward HCM

  • 25+Years of Diversified HCM Leadership Experience in Start-ups to Global Fortune 500 Companies in a Multitude of Industries
  • Customized HCM Programs and Projects with a Business Strategy & Data-Driven Focus
  • Extensive Experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and Post-Merger Integrations with an Understanding of the Key Metrics for HCM Success in these Processes
  • Leader in HCM Trends and Best Practices and Frequent Lecturer, Author and Coach
  • A View that the Right HCM Program for Your Organization is the One Tailored to You; Not a Best Practice Only Approach

Why We Do This Work

We believe that the transformation and early development of Strategic HCM will build a sustainable, value-driven function for an organization’s performance success.

How We Approach Our Work

  • Development of strategic and data-driven integrated initiatives and programs
  • Systems and human capital management programs that are laser-focused on driving business performance and company strategic initiatives.
  • Customized programs that work for your key business goals and your organization’s culture.
  • Deep expertise in transformation and evolutionary organizational changes and the support that human resource programs need to provide. Extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions including the critical people strategies for integration.

Windward HCM Team Members

Angela Finlay

Angela Finlay

Chief Human Capital Strategist

Angela Finlay is Chief Human Capital Strategist at Windward Human Capital Management LLC. Angela Finlay was a former CHRO/Head of HR at organizations ranging from Global Fortune 150 to small, start-up companies. She is currently a lecturer/adjunct professor in Leadership, Strategy & Human Capital Management, including Columbia University’s Master’s in Human Capital Management program.

Angela has expertise in all areas of human capital strategy and implementation (such as talent acquisition, performance and talent management, total rewards and learning and development). She has also had extensive experience in diversity & inclusion (DEI), change management, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration and corporate social responsibility.

Contact Angela at afinlay@windwardhcm.com.